This session is a candid style session designed to capture your family’s personality. These sessions are relaxed and full of laughter, and often stylized around a shared family event (like playing a game, baking cookies, watermelon carving, etc). This session is 95% people interacting with each other and only 5% looking at the camera and smiling. If you want the majority of the photos where people look at the camera, contact me and I’ll be happy to send you referrals for other photographers with that style.

$400. (Texas sales tax not included)

  • 1 – 1.5  hour on location session (or as long as the little kids last)
  • Ownership of full resolution digital negatives on a DVD


It’s good to keep color coordination in mind, but perfectly matching is not necessary. In fact, the photos will be more dynamic if you don’t exactly match.

In terms of number of outfits, usually more than 2 becomes a handful with kids, but if parents want to have one outfit and then kids have a couple of changes, that works great as well.

Please see the Albums page for more information.

$400. – 20 page, 8 x 8 in hinge bound book
$600. – 30 page, 8 x 8 in hinge bound book
$40. – Each additional page

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