3 woolsey girls | dfw family photographer | personal

It’s been…years…since I’ve done a personal post? YIKES. Anyways, here are my 3 littles…it’s finally getting easier to have them all in one photo since the youngest can some what sit and the oldest can some what assist…the key word is “somewhat” and “almost” lol. AND, I’m kinda getting obsessed with black and white again! So most of these are just that :)

2017-07-26_00152017-07-26_00132017-07-26_0001 2017-07-26_0005 2017-07-26_0006 2017-07-26_0008 2017-07-26_0009 2017-07-26_0011   2017-07-26_0016 2017-07-26_0017 2017-07-26_0018