johnston family | keller family photographer

Oh sweet happiness. I just want to snuggle this little boy! And I’m so excited for their family! One more little boy on the way :)

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dee + jacob | engagements | carnival – fair engagement session

YIPPIE! Whenever Dee asked to have a carnival/fair inspired engagement session how could I possibly say no to that? We started at the fair, got to eat an amazing funnel cake, and then incorporated cotton candy into the mix! Winning! Once again, we miraculously had a beautiful warm January day filled with sun and happiness, AMEN. And, since we met at the Ft Worth Stockyard Show on a weekday, it was hardly crowded at all! Whew. :)

I had so much fun getting to know you guys, thank you for asking me to photo such a beautiful day. I wish you both many many happy years together!