Miss P at 16 months | personal

Well, time is officially flying. I’m 25 weeks pregnant and Parker is growing so quickly! She’s starting to understand simple commands like, “put that in the trash” and “feed Thomas the train some cheese”. Which is hilarious…because I thought she would feed him a piece of cheese like I feed her…not shove his entire stuffed animal body on top of like 20 pieces of cheese. Ohhh with kids its the simple things that make your day.

Here are a lot of random pics of Parker from the month. We had some nice weather so we got to go outside! We went to feed the ducks (epic mommy fail…I had dreams of amazing photos of her feeding the ducks…with lens flare and cute candid moments… and what we got was Parker just wanting to run straight down a slope and into the water. That just means she was filthy with dirt, no ducks and a lot of tantrums), Miss Caroline and Parker hanging out (or Parker taking away all the toys and then sitting on Caroline), and a playground trip.

2015-01-29_0007I love this photo…it perfectly describes what a mess she is right now. She has her necklaces, made a total mess with all her toys and decided to take a break in the middle of it all.

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brittany + tucker | engagements | ft worth wedding photographer

oh la la!! This couple is so beautiful! I cannot wait for their day :D :D :D

It will be here before we know it!

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courtney + sam | maternity | fort worth stockyards

blessing | newborn | dallas newborn photographer

It’s the Blessing family again, with a new beautiful bundle of joy :D.

roberts | dfw family photographer | trinity park

I just adore the Roberts family. ADORE. I’ve had the blessing to photograph their family and watch their adorable kids grow these last few years!  :D

Also, Claire has blessed our family by making a beautiful book about my grandparents lives using a recorded interview with them. It’s literally one of my most treasured books. If you’re wondering what you should do for a meaningful x-mas gift, seriously consider this idea for your parents, grandparents, relatives, etc…. :D. August Anthology.

On her blog, Claire features short little stories from client interviews. If you want to see a bit of what this wonderful present looks like, check out this little excerpt on how my grandparents met. My grandparents just celebrated their 62 wedding anniversary, incredible to imagine! Anyways, enough chat. Please meet the Roberts family!

Beautiful Claire!

echols | family | stockyards family photos

So, even though the weather this day was rather ominous (25+ MPH winds!!) it ended up being an enormous success :D. Lauren did such a fabulous job combining fun props, cute outfits, and snacks to help little Elliot make it through the session :).

We ended up taking photos at the Stockyards since it offers so much protection from the elements and I think I found a new favorite spot!

Little Elliot is such a complete treasure, I just adore his toothy smile and sweet disposition :). I’m sure you’ll fall in love with him too :D

Thanks for asking me to photograph his 1 year! I hope you find some photos you love :D