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I love my job for so many reasons, but one of the perks is how I get to watch these beautiful families grow! I got to take Olivia’s newborns, 6 months, and now little miss Elisabeth!! Her and Parker are like a week apart :D. And they have other things in common, like adorable little baby rolls! Sigh. Check out the links to their other pics, and make sure you note Olivia’s hair. I think she has the best newborn hair….ever.

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YAY! This Thanksgiving we spent a little time with my family in Austin. There were quite a few of us! We had a little impromptu session of my little nephews since they were down from NJ.

I’ve posted their pics before, but if this is your first time to see these adorable kiddos, please meet Max and Leo. They just turned four at the beginning of November. I had a trip all planned out and a flight booked to attend their b-day party and go Halloween trick-or-treating with them but Hurrican Sandy totally messed all that up!

SO it was so wonderful getting to play with these little critters!! My personal favorites are when they both decided it was necessary to pee on the same tree. And there is a series half-way down…where we bribed them to smile…”smile and you’ll get some M & M’s!” Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, no shame :D. I love that series because it looks so terribly forced it’s hilarious.

Above: They are racing on their little cars. Leo always has to be in front :)

Below: The bribed photos….with the forced smiles. The twins were saying, over and over, “smile, cheese, smile, cheese, smile…” Somebody has taught them well! Leo is on the left and his faces are the best!

Here are some pics from before….they’ve grown so much!

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:) Sweet little lamb!