madison | newborn | dallas newborn photographer

I LOVE seeing my wedding clients a couple years later with beautiful families! These two love birds are the perfect example. Their dream wedding was in the Bahamas and now they are the proud parents of little baby Madison! And she was SUCH a gem. So easy to photograph….and their house was so stunning! It literally looked like it was straight out of a magazine. Way to go Marissa!

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shower + maternity | dallas newborn photographer

My sweet friend is having a baby boy! Over the past few months there have been a couple events I’ve either help host or attend and took some photos. Even a couple decorations I’ve made for the little shower. His nursery is going to be mint and cream! Here are all the photos from these events :D.2013-08-27_0009 2013-08-27_0010 2013-08-27_0011

Below: These little boys are Truman and Liam! Tru is directly below. I’m so excited, but 5 of my close girlfriends … we are all having little ones within the same year! So far, it’s three boys and little Miss Parker. My other friend is still waiting to see what they are going to have. 2013-11-15_0017 2013-11-15_0018 2013-11-15_0019 2013-11-15_0020 2013-11-15_0021 2013-11-15_0022

leah + grant | houston wedding photographer | lakeside country club

This darling bride has a smile that can light up any room. All the guests agree and especially the groom :D. Their day was filled with tons of laughter, joy, happiness and beautiful photo opportunities!!! AMEN! My favorite kind of wedding :D

Another fun part: the groom said he wanted to fish on his wedding day—and he totally did :). I love how the sun caught his fishing line. If anyone in the Houston area wants a beautiful venue, check out Lakeside Country Club. It was a dream to photograph!

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brin + michael | mcpherson cellars | lubbock wedding photographer

This couple had their beautiful wedding at McPherson Cellars in Lubbock. They did a great job incorporating so many unique personal touches to their wedding! For instance, a  zombie cake. That’s right, they are on top as the zombie slayers (correct terminology?). As you can see, Brin has a shotgun and Michael has an ax, and they are both doing a fine job keeping the undead at a safe distance. It’s amazing :).

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sarah + matt | kindred oaks | austin wedding photographer

Sweet sweet Sarah and Matt! My prayer is for all couples to have this kind of love for one another. And for all wedding days to have such great weather!! :D

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shae + john | chandor gardens | weatherford wedding


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