alanna senior | victoria photographer

Please meet Alanna, she too is a senior at Victoria East High School.  Isn’t she about the cutest thing ever?!!! We all had such a great time driving around finding bright stuff :D. 

A huge thanks for all the searching for amazing spots!  The three of you were a blast to hang out with :) 

Blessings on your future life together.

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tyler senior | victoria photographer


Everyone please meet Tyler!  He is a senior at Victoria East High School in Victoria, Texas.  The adorable girl in some of the pictures is his girlfriend, Alanna.  Her photos are up next!! :D

I have so, so many pics to edit…’s going to be a looooong day :)

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austin | senior

I had the pleasure of photographing Austin’s senior pics this past Thursday in Lubbock. Talk about perfect weather and great locations (thanks to Austin :D)! I actually met his family a while back in August 2009 at his sisters beautiful wedding in San Antonio. So, I already had an idea this family was so sweet. 

Lubbock is a gold mind of spectacular locations. It’s basically an Abilene on steroids. I forgot that most locations were safe! Often I find myself in Oakcliff in Dallas wishing those spectacular buildings were in more safe destinations…

Austin is graduating this May and is considering attending Lubbock Christian or Abilene Christian :). He wants to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. Many of the pics were taken out where he and his friends play Airsoft (a type of paintball for people who don’t know). It felt like a little oasis in Lubbock :D. It had tree houses, tee-pee’s of sticks, a nice sized body of water, all the while signs of bright battles splattered the area. Thanks again for showing me this place! 

I hope you find some you like :D, it was so great seeing yall again! 

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cynda | senior

Cynda and her sister Charith met me in Ft Worth on the most beautiful day of the new year.  Picture perfect. There was a slight breeze of 7mph, cool temperature of 74 degrees, blossoms blooming, and birds chirping. Cynda lives in a small town just outside of Amarillo, and is visiting her sisters in Dallas for Spring break. 

Cynda will be attending Harding University in Arkansas this fall and will be studying interior design.  Ohhh, how much fun will that be?!  Psychology was interesting but anything in the art department sounds interesting too (and more fun).  We drove around exploring new locations, testing out different ideas, and as the first photo reveals, posing in front of motorcycles :D. 

I hope you can see her sweet spirit shine through these images.  Her heart is so kind.  Thank you girls for making this session so fun, my face still hurts from giggling so much :).

 Hope you enjoyed them!


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caroline | senior

Caroline and her fabulous mom met me in Dallas today.  Despite the rain, rain, and more rain, the session was still amazing.  They drove in from Ruston, Lousiana for the session!  Even though this was the first time I met Caroline in person, we started corresponding through email about a year-and-a-half ago.  From her writing I thought we were the same age and I was shocked whenever I found out she was a junior in high school. Caroline is one amazing girl. 

She plans to attend Texas Tech this coming fall and will major in Animal Science.  She also plans to apply for medical school after she graduates.  Her mother is a doctor and they would like to do medical missions together sometime in the future.  Awesome right? 

The session was so joy filled. Just being around these women was uplifting :).  Not once did they complain about the rain, or what it was doing to her hair, clothes or amazing shoes.  All smiles, laughs, jokes, fun memories, and the most delicious lemon ricotta cookies.  WOWsers.  If you live near a Nordstrom’s Cafe that sells these (in Dallas, only the Galleria sells them), you must make a detour and stock up.  I’ve never been a fan of lemon anything, but I am a new convert.  Each bite you ponder what it is that makes these so amazing. And I know it’s more than just the butter and sugar…they are divine :).  Thanks for sharing this new treat with me!

You will soon see Caroline knows what clothes and accessories make photos rock.  She had great props, bright colors, and delicate details that didn’t go unnoticed :).  I hope you find some photos you love!  Thank you so much for your positive attitude despite the less than favorable circumstances :)

Caroline also loves photography :) and has some major skills!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!!  I’ve already said this many times, but it was such a blessing to finally meet you :).  I hope Tech is all you expected and more :). 

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Another amazing day dedicated to photos :D

Minnie called me up a while back interested in a Senior session and sounded like the sweetest person. And after an afternoon with her, I feel confident to say she is beautiful inside and out. We started off in Abilene and then drove out to Merkle, which in my humble opinion is one of the better locations! 

Minnie will graduate in May and has plans to attend Cisco to get her basics (so wise) and then transfer to a larger university to study Journalism or become a 2nd or 3rd grade teacher. She enjoys photography, specifically architecture, and has an eye for unique locations. It was so great because we all had the same vision! :) 

It was a real treat getting to photograph you :)

Her laugh is contagious! 

Above: What is that show…if walls could talk? I think it’s on HGTV, and they explore older homes and find artifacts linking and explaining the history of the home…well I think this building is just fascinating :). I would love to know it’s life-story. 

Above: So we spotted this chair and got excited. Donna (Minnie’s step mom) help me move it over and Minnie was brave enough to get in… :). Not everyday you just find something awesome like this to work with! And see this great pose? All Donna’s idea! She rocks, now the spiders in the chair…not so awesome. 

Above: These were shot through those blue pipes! Poor Minnie, it was all my fault–I asked her to be a little more centered and she whopped her head hard on the pipe! Luckily no bump, just a little red mark that didn’t show till after the session. 

Thanks Minnie and Donna! I hope you find some you love. Best wishes and enjoy your week off! 

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