miss parker | five month session | personal

Someone is 5 months!! The things she can now do:

- produce copious amounts of spit trying to make the sound “bbbbbb”
- semi-sit up with assistance
- attempt to “stand”, and always wants to be held up in that position
- laughs at that other baby in the mirror
- attempts to eat her feet and rice cereal. more successful with the feet.
- splashes water all around during bath time
- grabs things and puts them into her mouth. daddy’s ear is still a work in progress.
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amanda + tyler | project wedding | one lovely day | featured!

YAY! Amanda and Tyler’s beautiful New Years Eve day was featured on Project Wedding – One Lovely Day!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 4.57.11 PM

Photos: EE PhotographyVideo: Smth FmlyVenue: Hickory Street AnnexFloral Designer: Kate Foley DesignsCaterer: Black Eyed PeaDecor: BHLDNBand: Identity Theft Band

parker’s first wedding | sara + alex | personal

Ohhhh such an exciting weekend! My dear friend Sara Lilas (my amazing intern photog from 2012) got married!!! We got to attend her beautiful day, and wonderfully enough she had the ever talented Jose Villa photo it! And our other sweet friends Vanessa and Brent video it!

And if you haven’t heard of these amazing people, for sure check out their links….totally worth it :D. Jose is one of the top wedding photographers in the world! Sooo I had to consciously not stare…and drool. But I couldn’t help not getting a photo with him!! And we got a couple shots of Vanessa, she is seven months prego!

Up next: The photos from their rehearsal dinner :)

2014-01-07_00492014-01-07_0048 2014-01-07_0050 2014-01-07_0051 2014-01-07_0052 2014-01-07_0053 2014-01-07_0054 2014-01-07_0055 2014-01-07_0056

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merry christmas + happy new year | newborn | personal

Hey Hey Hey!!

We all are wishing everyone a beautiful new year!! (And a beautiful belated Christmas :D)

God Bless!

2013-12-28_00042013-12-28_0003 2013-12-28_0002

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the cousins | family | personal shoot

Little Miss Parker got to finally meet her twin cousins!

And of course, she refused to smile. Like in our Christmas cards.

2013-12-11_0016 2013-12-11_0017 2013-12-11_0018 2013-12-11_0019

little miss snow white | halloween session | newborn

Miss Parker was Snow White this year! Mainly because I couldn’t find any newborn costumes that I just loved and then saw this one at Target at a price that just couldn’t be beat. Go Target!! lol

ee.photo.snowwhite.halloween-8ee.photo.snowwhite.halloween-4 ee.photo.snowwhite.halloween-5