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It’s been…years…since I’ve done a personal post? YIKES. Anyways, here are my 3 littles…it’s finally getting easier to have them all in one photo since the youngest can some what sit and the oldest can some what assist…the key word is “somewhat” and “almost” lol. AND, I’m kinda getting obsessed with black and white again! So most of these are just that :)

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Miss P at 16 months | personal

Well, time is officially flying. I’m 25 weeks pregnant and Parker is growing so quickly! She’s starting to understand simple commands like, “put that in the trash” and “feed Thomas the train some cheese”. Which is hilarious…because I thought she would feed him a piece of cheese like I feed her…not shove his entire stuffed animal body on top of like 20 pieces of cheese. Ohhh with kids its the simple things that make your day.

Here are a lot of random pics of Parker from the month. We had some nice weather so we got to go outside! We went to feed the ducks (epic mommy fail…I had dreams of amazing photos of her feeding the ducks…with lens flare and cute candid moments… and what we got was Parker just wanting to run straight down a slope and into the water. That just means she was filthy with dirt, no ducks and a lot of tantrums), Miss Caroline and Parker hanging out (or Parker taking away all the toys and then sitting on Caroline), and a playground trip.

2015-01-29_0007I love this photo…it perfectly describes what a mess she is right now. She has her necklaces, made a total mess with all her toys and decided to take a break in the middle of it all.

2015-01-29_0001 2015-01-29_0002 2015-01-29_0003 2015-01-29_0004 2015-01-29_0005 2015-01-29_0006 2015-01-29_0008 2015-01-29_0009 2015-01-29_0010 2015-01-29_0011 2015-01-29_0012 2015-01-29_0013 2015-01-29_0014 2015-01-29_0015 2015-01-29_0016 2015-01-29_0017 2015-01-29_0018 2015-01-29_0019 2015-01-29_0020 2015-01-29_0021 2015-01-29_0022

miss p | 1st birthday party | night circus party


My little girl’s bday party was this past weekend and we had so much fun! A huge thank you to all friends and family that could make it and also a huge thank you to friends and family that wish they could have come.

I had quite the mommy fail moment…Parker had her one year shots 8 days before the party and it was chicken pox and MMR. As the nurse was sticking her legs, she said she would be active with these shots for 7-10 days… SO that meant Miss P was a walking germ for her b-day party! Many of her adorable little friends (younger than a year) were on the safe side and not able to make it. So sad! Well, I won’t make that mistake again haha!

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miss parker | 9 months | am + ee

Each month the amazingly talented Amanda Marie Lackey and I are getting together to do photos for her upcoming style blog, and also to get up to date pics of the rapidly growing Parker!! HOLY SMOKES, she’s almost 10 months! People say the same thing all the time… “it will get better” … “the time will fly” … “they grow up so fast”… And I haven’t felt like those sayings are always true in relationships….but when it comes to pregnancy and babies, HECK YES. Even though, when I was sick for the first 20 weeks of pregnancy I just wanted to punch the next person that would say, “it’s totally worth it” … and also I wanted to totally have a freak out when they told me, time and time again that after month 6 it would get easier….at the time I was thinking..I’m BARELY surviving the current 24 hours! How am I going to handle the next few months?!

It’s hard to believe that months have passed since those rough times, but here we are. Going on 10 months and this chunky adorable baby girl is showing so much spunk and spirit, it is such a beautiful experience. She’s a daily reminder to be so thankful for all the blessings we have been given. Indeed it does “get easier and more enjoyable”, and “they grow up so fast” so ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT :D :D

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brandi + erin | personal | san juan, puerto rico

My dear dear dear friend traveled with me to help photo a wedding in Puerto Rico!! We had one day of fun after photographing the delightful couple and we were determined to get some good pics. I wanted to do a collage of all these crazy faces in front of bright walls…but surprisingly it was a bit trickier than we had anticipated! ((hence the many attempts!))

Thank you Brandi for coming with me–even though I did a TERRIBLE job booking our flights….lol (My flight booking privileges have officially been revoked….a four hour flight ended up be a 12 hour journey home!!). Love you Mrs. Patoon. Bahaha


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miss parker and her cousins | personal

My husband spent the week in the field (Army stuff) so that means us ladies had a week of fun in my home town! I got to snuggle all over these three little babes! The weather warmed so we even did a little mini swim shoot of Parker! hehe


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