shower + maternity | dallas newborn photographer

My sweet friend is having a baby boy! Over the past few months there have been a couple events I’ve either help host or attend and took some photos. Even a couple decorations I’ve made for the little shower. His nursery is going to be mint and cream! Here are all the photos from these events :D.2013-08-27_0009 2013-08-27_0010 2013-08-27_0011

Below: These little boys are Truman and Liam! Tru is directly below. I’m so excited, but 5 of my close girlfriends … we are all having little ones within the same year! So far, it’s three boys and little Miss Parker. My other friend is still waiting to see what they are going to have. 2013-11-15_0017 2013-11-15_0018 2013-11-15_0019 2013-11-15_0020 2013-11-15_0021 2013-11-15_0022

katie + josh | maternity | victoria family photographer

Oh I’m so happy to share these :D. Sweet Katie is due just a week apart from me! Their little girl Norah is going to be so well loved :D

2013-08-26_0001 2013-08-26_0002 2013-08-26_0003 2013-08-26_0004 2013-08-26_0005 2013-08-26_0006 2013-08-26_0007 2013-08-26_0008

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the browns | trinity park | dallas family photographer

Oh to see and spend time with this sweet family! I photographed adorable little Shephard’s photos when he first arrived and now he’s already a year old! Holy smokes how time flies. And now Lauren and Cameron are already expecting baby number two! Sawyer will be here before we know it!! :D

2013-08-08_0022 2013-08-08_0023 2013-08-08_0024 2013-08-08_0025 2013-08-08_0026 2013-08-08_0027 2013-08-08_0028 2013-08-08_0029 2013-08-08_0030 2013-08-08_0031 2013-08-08_0032 2013-08-08_0033 2013-08-08_0034 2013-08-08_0035

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courtney + sam | maternity | fort worth stockyards

dana + louis | maternity | trinity park

I cannot wait to meet this little one!


deanie + jordan | maternity | white rock lake

Sweet Yuska family! Deanie is a fantastic wedding planner, and we actually met at Thursday Therapy (a monthly meeting of DFW wedding professionals) and then had the chance to work together on Laura + Gerred’s beautiful wedding last year. It’s such a huge compliment for a wedding planner to ask you to photo them! They see tons of photographers, so thanks Deanie!

Their sweet little baby boy Charlie was born this past week so we will also have those newborn photos up here soon! :D