cayla + ben | wedding | new jersey wedding photographer

Recently Brad and I flew up to New Jersey to photograph Cayla and Ben’s wedding, and boy were we in for a treat. Driving out to the wedding site, the greenery just kept getting more and more incredible. As you will soon see, this spectacular venue, The Crossed Keys, was nestled in a picturesque forested area making it almost too easy to take photos. And of course, Cayla and Ben were darlings the entire day! All you had to do was be around them for a few minutes and you would quickly realize how much they care for God and one another. 

Cayla is also a fellow photographer, so she knew exactly what details to take note of, and she gave us ample time to capture everything. Ohhh again, a total dream :D. It was so much fun getting to take photos in such an environment. And it was a delight getting to work with their videographers, FortyOneTwenty, they flew in from San Diego! (PS, and here is their amazing wedding video! Looking for fabulous videographers? They are hands down some of the best I’ve gotten to work with. And it helps that they are so incredibly kind too!)

Okay, enough chit chat, please meet Cayla and Ben:

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marisa + david | bahamas wedding | destination wedding photographer

Hellloooo Bahamas!! Talk about a beautiful destination, beautiful wedding, and beautiful couple.

The ceremony and reception were under adorable white pavilions right on the beach, and spared one the difficulty of walking in the sand. They had perfect weather, no heat wave or rain, just soft sweet breezes and pretty sunshine.

My favorite part of the day, aside from every body being incredibly kind, was the exit. Marisa had attended one of her friend’s weddings in England and witnessed the custom of lighting mini hot air balloons with lanterns inside. Once lit, they float off into the night. Friends write their wishes for the couple and their future life together :). It was a little breezy that night, so not all the lanterns made it into the sky, but whenever they did everyone cheered. It was so beautiful! Not to mention that fantastic moon helped all the night photos turn out splendidly. 

An enormous thank you for asking me to photograph your wedding, despite the difficult chore of going to the sunny Bahamas to do it, wink wink ;) 



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chantal + rob | australia wedding

It’s not everyday a great friend gets married.

It’s not everyday that your great friend gets married in Australia.

And, it’s especially not every day that your great friend asks you to photo her wedding, in another country. 

Nonetheless, that’s what happened with my dear friend Chantal :D.  It was an incredible journey just to get to the western coast of Australia, which is just about as far away from Texas as anywhere on the planet.  But once Brad and I arrived, it took no time at all for us to love it there.  The climate is much like San Diego: some morning fog but sunny almost everyday, not much rain, and relatively warm winters (we were there during the winter season).  This made for comfortable conditions each day we were there.  

Chantal and Rob found a great venue for their wedding, just south of Perth.  As you can see it had some wonderful features, such as the old steps in the front grassy area of the building.  This intimate wedding was a dream to photograph, and it didn’t take long to realize what awesome families both Chantal and Rob come from.  Also, make sure to check out the ball and chain Chantal’s dad hands to Rob to go along with his new bride.  Hilarious!

And, one of the perks about getting married in that part of the world is a close proximity to exotic honeymoon destinations!  Before we knew it, Chantal and Rob were off to the beautiful, relaxing islands of Fiji.  YAY!  

With all that said, I’m thrilled for you to meet my sweet friend Chantal, and her new amazing husband Rob. 


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