liz + chris | old san juan wedding | el convento wedding

Out of all the places to choose from if I were to remarry (same groom, different location), I would choose Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. Brad and I have totally fallen in love with the people, food, culture, and bright colors, and there is always just so much to do!

So well done for Liz and Chris picking such a beautiful spot!
About 50 of their close friends and family traveled down from mainly the Chicago area to Puerto Rico to watch this beautiful couple tie the knot!

Such a beautiful day! I’m so glad we were able to be apart of it :D


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Venue: El Convento Hotel

amy + will | after session | florida destination wedding photographer

After session at an old fort….humm….heck yes!

amy + will | florida destination wedding | navarre florida wedding



jennifer + victor | sonoma wedding | destination wedding photographer

Sweet beautiful sunny wedding!

Jennifer and Victor were married on a perfect Saturday in sunny California :D

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be there to capture their happy day :)

lauren + tyler | florida wedding | naples wedding photographer


Lauren and Tyler got hitched in the beautiful Naples, Florida. BEAUTIFUL. Seriously.

Lauren thought of every single detail and the vision was carried out to perfection :D. My editor is still out of town, so more words later! Right now you’ll have this beautiful wedding to spell out the details!  :)

Thank you so much for having Korie and I out to photo your big day, it was such a blessing. :D

nicole + paul | tampa wedding | the lange farm

Nicole contacted me over a year ago about her wedding in Tampa and I honestly have been in sweet anticipation since. I thought the day would never come! All I can say is that her fresh ideas were completely everything I hoped for :D.

Nicole and Paul were married at The Lange Farm under the most beautiful moss covered oak trees. It was surrounded by picturesque white fences with horses grazing. Sigh. So, when can I move in? :)

There were so many sweet details, including the poms, ribbon streamers, beautiful flowers and adorable bunny brand that made me just about the happiest photographer. Nicole is a fabulous graphic designer and is responsible for this creative dream!

There’s a list of her fabulous vendors that made this possible at the end of the post!

Venue: The Lange Farm
Florist: The Bride’s Bouquet
Dress: Modern Trousseau
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Jewelry: Grandmother’s pearls. The rabbit earrings came from Etsy (same as bridesmaid’s), bracelet was Carolee (from Nordstrom Rack), other earrings were purchased from Ideeli. Feather fascinator and garters were from Etsy.
Bridesmaid dresses: Mori Lee
Grooms suit: Men’s Warehouse
Veil: Modern Trousseau
Rings: Bride’s were Tacori, Groom’s was cobalt and custom engraved by
Videographer: Tampa Wonderworks
DJ: Grant Hemmond
Graphic Designer: The amazing bride! Nicole:

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