james | mckinney newborn photographer

Precious little family! I’ve had the privilege of photographing this couple be engaged, get married, have their first little girl and now this adorable boy! And just look how cute they are. In my humble opinion….they should have about 10 more kids ;). I hope y’all are always able to look back at the pics and remember the happiness and love amidst the chaos of a new baby ;).

2019-06-01_0003 2019-06-01_0001 2019-06-01_0002 2019-06-01_0004 2019-06-01_0005 2019-06-01_0006 2019-06-01_0007 2019-06-01_0008 2019-06-01_0009 2019-06-01_0010 2019-06-01_0011 2019-06-01_0012 2019-06-01_0013 2019-06-01_0014 2019-06-01_0015 2019-06-01_0016 2019-06-01_0017 2019-06-01_0018 2019-06-01_0019

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