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Each month the amazingly talented Amanda Marie Lackey and I are getting together to do photos for her upcoming style blog, and also to get up to date pics of the rapidly growing Parker!! HOLY SMOKES, she’s almost 10 months! People say the same thing all the time… “it will get better” … “the time will fly” … “they grow up so fast”… And I haven’t felt like those sayings are always true in relationships….but when it comes to pregnancy and babies, HECK YES. Even though, when I was sick for the first 20 weeks of pregnancy I just wanted to punch the next person that would say, “it’s totally worth it” … and also I wanted to totally have a freak out when they told me, time and time again that after month 6 it would get easier….at the time I was thinking..I’m BARELY surviving the current 24 hours! How am I going to handle the next few months?!

It’s hard to believe that months have passed since those rough times, but here we are. Going on 10 months and this chunky adorable baby girl is showing so much spunk and spirit, it is such a beautiful experience. She’s a daily reminder to be so thankful for all the blessings we have been given. Indeed it does “get easier and more enjoyable”, and “they grow up so fast” so ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT :D :D

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Towel: Pottery Barn Critter Wraps

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