miss parker | five month session | personal

Someone is 5 months!! The things she can now do:

- produce copious amounts of spit trying to make the sound “bbbbbb”
- semi-sit up with assistance
- attempt to “stand”, and always wants to be held up in that position
- laughs at that other baby in the mirror
- attempts to eat her feet and rice cereal. more successful with the feet.
- splashes water all around during bath time
- grabs things and puts them into her mouth. daddy’s ear is still a work in progress.
2014-02-17_0001 2014-02-17_0002 2014-02-17_0003 2014-02-17_0004 2014-02-17_0005 2014-02-17_0006 2014-02-17_0007 2014-02-17_0008 2014-02-17_0009 2014-02-17_0010 2014-02-17_0011 2014-02-17_0012 2014-02-17_0013 2014-02-17_0015 2014-02-17_0017 2014-02-17_0019 2014-02-17_0021

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