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Oh I can’t believe this sweet girl is getting married! I feel old saying this, but it feels like yesterday we were doing her senior photos by these mufflers (see pics below :D) and now she is one semester shy of graduating from A&M and is marrying this fantastic guy!

I cannot wait for their wedding! They have so many amazing vendors to make Kaylyn’s vision a reality, it’s going to be so creative and unique :D. Ohhh I’m so excited :).

2013-12-18_0054 2013-12-18_0055 2013-12-18_0056 2013-12-18_0057 2013-12-18_0058 2013-12-18_0059 2013-12-18_0060 2013-12-18_0061 2013-12-18_0062 2013-12-18_0063 2013-12-18_0064 2013-12-18_0065 2013-12-18_0066 2013-12-18_0067 2013-12-18_0068 2013-12-18_0069 2013-12-18_0070 2013-12-18_0071

Isn’t her hair and makeup completely stunning? :D


  1. You look just stunning Kaylyn!! So easy to see the joy & love captured in each shot! Can’t wait for the wedding!

  2. Wow! You both look amazing and beautiful! The photographer did an excellent job!!

  3. The beautiful scenery God provided is only surpassed by the two of you and your love. Just gorgeous!

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