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When I found out that this session was posted on Green Wedding Shoes, I literally did a happy jig in my kitchen. Which, being eight months prego, turned out rather interesting. But speaking of interesting….this stylized shoot by Sweet Sunday Events at Chandor Gardens was a TOTAL DREAM.

If you’re looking for a beautiful venue, full of plush greenery, amazing gardens, and flowers galore….look no further than this little gem of a venue not far west of Fort Worth.

AND, if you’re needing a wonderful team to make your wedding day a smashing success, contact Sweet Sunday. They do flowers, event design, and even if you need rentals…they will get you taken care of! Done.

Also, the day wouldn’t have functioned without the help of our amazingly talented stylist Amanda Marie (just check out those wonderful bright colors!). Furthermore Stationary Bakery made the adorable paper products you see, and Shannon Dowling from Something You Make Up Artistry did their faces and hairdos :D.

Oh and a huge hug to each one of our models. And let’s be honest, once you look at the pics, don’t you think little puppy Ranger totally stole the show?? :D

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And Mrs Amanda Marie was so sweet, she documented all the fun we had that day! Check out the video–it has some yummy 8mm goodness!


  1. Your work is simply amazing! One of my favorite portrait sessions I have ever seen! Beautifuly done!

    • Aw, thank you so much Amanda! It was such a beautiful day, full of color and happiness. I’m so glad that translated :D

    • I know!!! And also now we can post away :). Oh! Are you on Instagram? I thought you were but couldn’t find you today for some reason. If so, what’s your name and Ill tag you along with the others :-). Thank you again!!

  2. Yes! It’s hailey_berry_ … I commented on one early this morning! Loving the ranger posts!

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