aimee + jeremy | after session | trinity park + modern art museum

Heck yes!! Aimee and Jeremy didn’t want to stress and try to squeeze in too many photos on their wedding day, so doing an after session was a must! Basically these two got dressed back up and we took all these amazing photos that we didn’t have time for on their wedding day. This is also a great alternative if you don’t want to do a first sight/first look but still want some great photos :D.

For this session they came out to Trinity Park (my all time favorite park!) and then we finished up the session at the Ft Worth Modern Art Museum. Another favorite. The day was so beautiful! It matched their attitudes, spirit and love for each other :).

2013-06-27_02532013-06-27_0250 2013-06-27_0251 2013-06-27_02522013-06-27_0254 2013-06-27_0255 2013-06-27_0256 2013-06-27_0257 2013-06-27_0258 2013-06-27_0259 2013-06-27_0260 2013-06-27_0261 2013-06-27_0262 2013-06-27_0263 2013-06-27_0264 2013-06-27_0265 2013-06-27_0266 2013-06-27_0267 2013-06-27_0268 2013-06-27_0269

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