roberts | dfw family photographer | trinity park

I just adore the Roberts family. ADORE. I’ve had the blessing to photograph their family and watch their adorable kids grow these last few years!  :D

Also, Claire has blessed our family by making a beautiful book about my grandparents lives using a recorded interview with them. It’s literally one of my most treasured books. If you’re wondering what you should do for a meaningful x-mas gift, seriously consider this idea for your parents, grandparents, relatives, etc…. :D. August Anthology.

On her blog, Claire features short little stories from client interviews. If you want to see a bit of what this wonderful present looks like, check out this little excerpt on how my grandparents met. My grandparents just celebrated their 62 wedding anniversary, incredible to imagine! Anyways, enough chat. Please meet the Roberts family!

Beautiful Claire!

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