whitney | miss texas united states | pageant


I met Whitney at a shoot for Revelry Dresses a couple months back in Austin, and not too long after that she asked me to photo her for an upcoming Miss Texas United States Pageant! Humm….heck yes!?

Isn’t she incredibly stunning? I mean WOW! We had so much fun joking around, asking random people if we could borrow their horses, and exploring the whole Stockyards area. Thanks so much for making the drive up here and good luck in D.C.! GO TEXAS!!! :D


  1. Say whaaaaa?! Erin, you continue to amaze me!! She's a beauty. And since I live in TX right now, I will cheer her on :D

  2. Great Job, I see your grandmother, Millie in that face, and your dad. Beautiful ! We watch you on TV as well. JKT

  3. Wow, what a knockout! Great session friend :)

  4. Stunning session! And good luck representing Texas!

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