english tea | inspirational shoot | plantation house + sweet sunday

Words sometimes do not describe the amazing designs people create and the beauty they imagine. This time the dear ladies from Sweet Sunday outdid themselves and created the perfect whimsical dream world for our fun shoot :D. 

There were also so many other vendors that made this beautiful inspirational shoot possible. For all you brides out there needing great vendors, look no further!!! Check out some of them at the bottom of this post :D.

Also, a huge thank you to Kim and John for braving the chilly weather, “rain”, and being completely flexible and dashing :).





Rentals, Concept/ Styling, Flowers- Sweet Sunday Events

Venue- The Plantation House

Wedding dress- Melange Bridal

Cake and Mini Pies- Paige’s Bake House

Invitation/Paperworks- Wednesday Custom Design

Hair and Makeup- Joanna with the Plantation House

Photographer- EE Photography :D

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  1. A-mazing amazing!!!!! I love all your little details here, great job!!!

  2. simply incredeible and gorgeous pictures. i wonder how long it took to decorate the table like that. no matter, i love it, along with the river coming out of the painting, who thinks up these things?

  3. tried one of these shoots not to long ago and it certainly didn't come out looking this well lol. great creative decorations and beautiful models.

  4. that tablecloths, goodness gracious! i bet you took 4,000 pictures. also, how fun is it to be back at the plantation house? :)

  5. Very beautiful, the models and decorations look perfect, great inspiration everywhere.

  6. So unbelievably amazing. Way to go everyone involved.

  7. Absolutely beautiful and I am totally blown away :) These turned out amazing!

  8. Ooh thanks for showing these to me, we are going to have to get together and do one of these events very soon. I'm already brainstorming great ideas!

  9. this is so ridiculously awesome i have to comment again. it so suits my taste right now. love love love. xo

  10. I am obsessed with everything about this photo shoot! It's gorgeous! I could look at the details all day long! You are so talented.

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