courtney + john | ft worth wedding

Splendid wedding day this was!

The bright sunny skies combined with a bright couple made this a wonderful afternoon event.  The beautiful and gorgeous bride Courtney and her bridesmaids started out the day with an early breakfast.  Soon after, John and his groomsmen showed up to the house to get ready.  They had their first sighting outside at a perfect, pleasant time of day.  After that it was off to the church.

This wedding made me remember how much I love daytime weddings.  The lighting was just perfect everywhere thanks to big clear windows at the venues.  The reception at Times Ten Cellars actually turned out to be an amazing independent winery right near the Fort Worth arts district.  So fun!  After all the great dancing and great cake eating, they were showered by flower petals and off to their honeymoon.

This was truly a special wedding to photograph.  Courtney and John make such a great couple and clearly care about one another so deeply.  I wish both of you the happiest marriage and I hope you find some photos you love :)


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  1. What a gorgeous wedding! Great job with the pictures!

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