featured!!! | weddingnouveau.com

Fri from Wedding Nouveau contacted me about possibly featuring one of my weddings for her intercultural wedding style guide! Anyways, two got selected :D :D

Chandra and Derrick areĀ featured today, and Teresa and John’s which will be featured later this week!!

If you want to see their photos from my site here they are. Chandra & Derrick and Teresa & John.


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  1. Congrats!!!! I went to the website and the pics were of course GORGEOUS and they wrote amazing things. Love ya girl!

  2. Good job!! It’s always a good thing to be featured.

  3. Erin!

    You are too legit to quit!! The end.

  4. Oh! Congratulations!!!! I love me some intercultural weddings and interracial relationships! I ate those posts up!! :)

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